Our Nursery

Children are based in one of two rooms according to their age:

  • the baby and toddler room – with special baby area
  • the pre-school room

For most of the day, children of different ages are looked after separately, except during some outdoor play and special activity sessions.

There is a quiet sleep room with cots and day beds for children to sleep and rest in peaceful surroundings. There are viewing panels for staff and the temperature is monitored for the safety of sleeping children.

Each room has access to a fabulous covered deck for all weather outdoor play.  The large, enclosed, naturalised garden has good opportunities for climbing and is designed to allow children to use their imagination and develop ideas and themes.   There is plenty of natural shade in summer, from the canopy of the mature sycamore trees.    There is a huge sandpit and play house in the ‘woods’.  Children are encouraged to grown their own plants and eat the produce in their amazing vegetable garden.  Children free flow between outdoors and indoors when at all possible.  We are firmly committed to fresh air!

To explore our facilities further, please choose from the below:

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2 – 3 years

3 – 5 years

Let’s go outside!

Find out more about our exciting outdoor areas.

Nursery Prospectus

Our prospectus contains everything you need to know about Windmill Day Nursery. If there's anything you'd like to talk to us about or to book a tour, we welcome you to get in touch.